The Secret of a Brainstorm

After working in many different environments, I cannot express how valuable brainstorming is. Even a session full of chatter and silliness can result in priceless gems and marketing brilliance.

“The creation of a thousand forest is in one acorn”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote is something I live by, and is completely in line with what brainstorming should be. When your together with your team for a good think-out-loud, it shouldn’t be all business. I mean, yeah, business is important, but if you stress yourself out looking for perfect, genius, and brilliance, it’s not going to come. If you sit there in silence, it will not come. Everything needs to be said (ok, well, lets keep HR in mind at least, folks). Those small, anecdotal, silly suggestions are sparks. Tiny little sparks searching for the gun powder that might ignite in someone else’s mind.

By giving yourself and your team the ability to relax, let loose, you will find your gold, brilliance, and possibly the genius idea you’ve been looking for.